Butter Croissant


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Wednesday - Saturday: 5-8
(24 hours required on all baked goods mentioned below/
72 hours required for all custom orders) 

Banana Nut Loaf $6.00

Swedish Pastry $4.00

Hungarian Shortbread $4.00

Butter Croissant $3.50

Blueberry Loaf $6.00

Chocolate Croissant $3.75

Carrot Cake $6.25

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake $6.75

Italian Lemon Cream Cake $6.75

Ukrainian Apricot Soufflé $6.75

Quiche ($5.75 - $6.95)

Spinach | Ham & Spinach| Shrimp & Chorizo| 

Bacon & Artichoke | Shrimp Tomato Basil

Seafood | Crab & Zucchini (photo)

Brownie $3.25

Key Lime Pie $6.00

Peach Cobbler Pie $6.00

Apple & French Berry Galettes $6.25

Beignet $1.25

Fraisier Cake $6.00

All Bakery items mentioned are customer favorites. We have additional baked items to select from. We also take requests. Send us an email at worldplateeatery@gmail.com

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